Becoming a Man.

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The Founder & Owner of Luxe Tailored | Theodore R. Cox Jr.

I have written quite a few articles on the importance of style. The key thing to remember about style is that it is irrelevant if the man underneath the style is underdeveloped. We’ve all seen men who had nice clothes and material goods but had a poor character. Having all the accessories in the world are useless if the man underneath has a rotten soul.
A man seeking to develop himself must start from the inside and work his way out. The man must start with his character. His character is a combination of his personality and his principles. Regarding his personality, he has to be comfortable with his natural temperament. If he is extraverted he must be comfortable with that. If he is introverted he must be comfortable with that. As long as his personality doesn’t cause him to harm himself or others he must embrace who he is. Having a harmful personality brings me to another important point about manhood. A man must have a code of living.
A man’s personality is what he is born with. A man’s code is what he develops. A man’s code represents the principles he develops to guide how he interacts with the environment in which he lives. A man’s code represents how he deals with people. His code informs him on how he will treat them and what he will tolerate. A man’s code also represents how he will fulfill his life purpose.
All men need a purpose in their lives. The very nature of masculine energy is that it empowers an individual to take action. Masculine energy agitates the man it flows through to do something. A man can focus this energy through a life purpose. He has to have something that he wants to accomplish in life. In developing that purpose a man has to have a code as to what he will and will not do to accomplish that purpose.
The key in having a code is that it is something that a man must enforce through self-discipline. Many males walk through life having their actions controlled by forces outside of themselves. Those forces on a physical level are laws enforced by the police and military. On a mental level behavior is enforced through religion and other cultural mores. For the man to truly be a man he must develop his own code that is enforced through his own self-discipline. Only then is he truly a man.
At the core of who he is a man must be authentic. He has to be able to show people who he is. Many males wear the mask of a man but when they reach the crossroads they fail. The mask can only get a man so far. In order to really be a man he must not be afraid to show his face. This is in the face of anything. He must be a man in the streets and on the job. He must be a man on the ball court and in the bedroom.
The style and accessories are important but at the core it is always about the man.

Rom Wills

About Rom Wills

Rom Wills is a author, dating coach and a serial entrepreneur. He has authored several best selling books Nice Guys and Players, Sexual Chemistry, and Starting from Zero.

Rom is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of the people he touches.

Your Spot is Part of Your Style


So you’re out with a nice young lady. There’s a real vibe between the two of you. She likes your look and style. The date has gone real well. You ask her to come home with you. She is feeling you so she happily agrees. You get to your apartment, condo, house, or wherever you live. The young lady is smiling as she walks in. That smile turns to a frown.
First of all the place is a mess. There are literally clothes and loose trash all over the place. There are dirty dishes in the kitchen. The couch looks like it was pulled off the street. She asks to go the bathroom and it smells like it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. The bathroom is next to the bedroom and she happens to peak in because women are nosy like that. She sees clothes strewn all over the room and also on top of the air mattress. She is disappointed. The type of bed a man has makes a difference.
You try to get romantic but the young lady is no longer in the mood. As women would say she got instant dryness. A promising evening has come to a screeching halt.
I’ve talked about a man getting his body and his style together. A man’s place is part of his style. Whether a man lives in a mansion or a room at someone’s house he needs to make sure his place is hooked up. The environment a man has sex in is just as important in seducing a woman as his style and conversation. Before a man thinks about bringing a woman to his home he needs to take care of a few things.
The first thing is simply keep the place clean especially the bathroom. In fact women may let some mess go but definitely take care of the bathroom. Make sure the entire place smells nice. I have incense I burn to keep a nice aroma. In warmer weather keep the windows open as much as possible even at night depending on the type of home you have.
For furniture don’t have dingy or beat up furniture. Even if you did get the couch off the street invest in getting it professionally cleaned. If necessary get an inexpensive Futon from places like Walmart or Target until you can get something better. A Futon can even look fly depending on the place. You can even get an inexpensive dining set so everything looks clean and straight.
Take into consideration the blinds and shades you have at your place. It goes without saying that they should match. Also consider some type of artwork that reflects your personality. Artwork can also be a conversation piece. If you’re a reader definitely have a nice book case.
One thing to keep in mind is that when a woman enters your space she will look around to get an idea about who you are as person. Women are either turned on or turned off by a man’s space. A man must take great care in how his living space is presented.

Rom Wills

About Rom Wills

Rom Wills is a author, dating coach and a serial entrepreneur. He has authored several best selling books Nice Guys and Players, Sexual Chemistry, and Starting from Zero.

Rom is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of the people he touches.

How to Gain a Competitive Edge.

Off the rack grey suit versus made to measure grey suit

Competition breeds excellence and this is what fuels innovation and prosperity. Success usually goes to competitors who are smart enough to pay close attention to the smallest details.

Believe it are not when it comes to your personal style. No matter how sharp you think you are in that new suit.  If you were not focusing on the small details like how that suit fits on your physique. You could be making a huge mistake my friend. Think about it like this if you and some other guy was to walk into a room and you both see a very beautiful woman. Both of you or well groomed, confident and dressed immaculate from head to toe. Now at some point in the night you both had a chance to introduce yourselves to her and exchange information. The only difference between you and the other guy. Is that he had enough sense to put a little more time into the process of finding the perfect suit for himself. Instead of focusing on the brand name of the suit. This gentleman recognized that when buying a suit. You have to take into consideration how that suit will actually fit on your unique physique.

Instead of taking the usually route of purchasing a suit from off the rack. Your competitor chose to spend his time and resources first on a local tailor to get properly measured. This will only require about 15 to 20 minutes of your time and maybe cost you somewhere between $15 to $30 dollars. We have a list that you can save and print to take with you when you go to get measured and use it for reference:Measurements Instructions for Luxe Tailored

This is about competition and every competitor is looking for that edge. Luxe Tailored will give you that edge!  A beautiful woman gets approached by men all the time. Ask yourself. What is going to separate you from all the other guys?

We have the answer for you and it is not going to cost you $1000.00 dollars to get you in a made to measure suit. For less than $400.00 dollars we can get you in a high quality made to measure suit stitched especially for you.

William Shakespeare was correct in his assessment that “Clothes make the man.” You only get one time to make a first impression. Make that impression count. Let us give you a competitive edge with our huge selection of quality fabrics, excellent customer service and competitive prices!

Thank you for shopping with us,

Theodore R. Cox Jr.




She wants Muscle!

Denise Milani in Bikini on the Beach

Hello everyone!

I want to take up a little bit of your time this morning, to reiterate how important it is for you guys to develop a workout plan that fits into your hectic schedule.

I know it is tough getting started gentleman but remember it will get easier for you the more you stick to the routine. Another important thing to remember is you do not have to spend countless hours in the gym to get results.

Schedule one hour three times a week for yourself and remember you do not have to limit yourself to the gym and weight training.

I live on the east coast the winters can be brutal. It can be tough to do a lot outside during the winter months. I use this time to focus more on weight training and strengthening my core. I still work on my cardio. I tend to lose my motivation to go hard during this time.

For the guys who live in places were the weather is warm throughout the year. You have no excuses. Get up and take advantage of your situation.

Invest in a good pair of running shoes and find a safe place to start to walk and if you are clear medically pick up your pace gradually to a light jog and before you know it you will be running. If running is not your thing get yourself a bike and be sure to also invest in a helmet.

Your initial goal should simply be to get more active and to invest more of your time into developing yourself physically and mentally.

Women prefer men who are visibly fit.

I know want you are thinking to yourself right now. You are probably saying that is not true.

Women are not shallow like us men. They look at other things like your personality, and if you can make them laugh.

I’m not saying that women do not take those things into consideration as well. We have got to be honest with each other. If a woman is not turned on by you physically. It is going to be a real challenge for you to get her to see you as a potential lover and not just a friend.

The best way to increase your sexual desirability is to be more active in your life. Not only will you begin to look and feel better. You will notice and increase in your self esteem and confidence.

There also health benefits as well. I mean working out should not be all about attracting the opposite sex.

High blood pressure is one of the biggest killers in the Western world. As your blood pressure rises. The risk for heart disease and you having a stroke rises as well. Studies have found that exercise reduces the risk of high blood pressure (i.e., hypertension).

I am going to get off my soapbox now.

Hey guys enjoy the rest of your day and take the time to work on you!