Your Spot is Part of Your Style


So you’re out with a nice young lady. There’s a real vibe between the two of you. She likes your look and style. The date has gone real well. You ask her to come home with you. She is feeling you so she happily agrees. You get to your apartment, condo, house, or wherever you live. The young lady is smiling as she walks in. That smile turns to a frown.
First of all the place is a mess. There are literally clothes and loose trash all over the place. There are dirty dishes in the kitchen. The couch looks like it was pulled off the street. She asks to go the bathroom and it smells like it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. The bathroom is next to the bedroom and she happens to peak in because women are nosy like that. She sees clothes strewn all over the room and also on top of the air mattress. She is disappointed. The type of bed a man has makes a difference.
You try to get romantic but the young lady is no longer in the mood. As women would say she got instant dryness. A promising evening has come to a screeching halt.
I’ve talked about a man getting his body and his style together. A man’s place is part of his style. Whether a man lives in a mansion or a room at someone’s house he needs to make sure his place is hooked up. The environment a man has sex in is just as important in seducing a woman as his style and conversation. Before a man thinks about bringing a woman to his home he needs to take care of a few things.
The first thing is simply keep the place clean especially the bathroom. In fact women may let some mess go but definitely take care of the bathroom. Make sure the entire place smells nice. I have incense I burn to keep a nice aroma. In warmer weather keep the windows open as much as possible even at night depending on the type of home you have.
For furniture don’t have dingy or beat up furniture. Even if you did get the couch off the street invest in getting it professionally cleaned. If necessary get an inexpensive Futon from places like Walmart or Target until you can get something better. A Futon can even look fly depending on the place. You can even get an inexpensive dining set so everything looks clean and straight.
Take into consideration the blinds and shades you have at your place. It goes without saying that they should match. Also consider some type of artwork that reflects your personality. Artwork can also be a conversation piece. If you’re a reader definitely have a nice book case.
One thing to keep in mind is that when a woman enters your space she will look around to get an idea about who you are as person. Women are either turned on or turned off by a man’s space. A man must take great care in how his living space is presented.

Rom Wills

About Rom Wills

Rom Wills is a author, dating coach and a serial entrepreneur. He has authored several best selling books Nice Guys and Players, Sexual Chemistry, and Starting from Zero.

Rom is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of the people he touches.

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I'm going to make this short because you guys do not have the time to waste reading about how great I am. Just joking! I'm a country boy at heart with a very active imagination and my dream of owning and running a men's luxury website has come true. It took a lot for this to happen but though all of the disappointments and failures. I did it. My goal now is to make Luxe Tailored a household name. I also want to use my brand as a symbol for the importance of men to constantly be in the process of self improvement.

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