Developing Your Style

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As I stated in my last article style is very important. A man who has not been blessed by the genetic lottery can make up for it developing a dynamic style. The beauty of style is that anyone can develop one. It’s a matter of a person being true to themselves and what they want to present to the world.
The first consideration with style is that is a reflection of a man’s personality. What a man wears should reflect who he is, his philosophy in life, his status, and where he wants to go in life. A man has to mindful of his grooming, the fit of his clothes, the colors he wears, and his overall presentation. So in developing his style a man must look at each element of his style. He has to start with grooming.
I shouldn’t have to write about grooming but looking at many men I have to mention this. The main thing with grooming is simply taking daily showers. As I will explain in a second a man must smell good to a woman. Once a man is clean then he must decide what to do with his facial hair. Depending on the man’s social standing he may decide to wear facial hair or be clean shaven. He also has to decide on the length of his hair. If he is in an environment that includes biker bars he may choose to wear his hair and beard long. If he works in a conservative corporate environment he may be clean shaven with a conservative haircut.
The types of colognes and aftershaves a man uses are very important. Women like to smell a man. A woman will look at a man’s picture and say, “I bet he smells good.” A man must practice putting the right amount of cologne on. Too little is a waste and too much is overkill. Also the cologne should be the type that women find enticing.
The next thing is everyday clothes. Of course clothing should be appropriate to the environment. Outside of that the clothes should fit properly. In most cases clothes suited to a man’s physique should be worn. This is a general statement. There are two special considerations that should be taken into account.
A man who wears dress shirts and suits should always wear fitted clothes. With dress shirts, fitted or athletic cut shirts are the best. Regular shirts are intentionally loose around the waist and when tucked in will have a baggy appearance which isn’t flattering if a man’s suit jacket is off. Fitted and athletic cut dress shirts have a smoother and neater look.
Related to this are suits. Though it’s popular to get off the rack suits, a man should always have any suits he purchases tailored to his body build. Once again it’s a cleaner look and for men with above average physiques the style projects an attractive presentation to women.
The second special consideration is that men should wear colors that complement their skin tone. A man may like a purple shirt but it may not look good on him. A man while buying clothes will have, in most cases, sales people who can help him determine what looks good on him. Also once he buys the clothes many women will give him feedback on how he looks. Sometimes even their silence can speak volumes.
Finally the shoes. Men must take care with shoes. Women may ignore everything else but they will pay attention to shoes. Now this isn’t to say that a man has to wear name brand shoes. They do need to be clean and not rundown looking. Also to take care of dress shoes a shoe shine kit should have an honored place in every man’s home.
Developing a distinct style is very important for men. Not only to attract beautiful women but for a sense of well-being and power in this thing we called life.

Rom Wills

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Rom Wills is a author, dating coach and a serial entrepreneur. He has authored several best selling books Nice Guys and Players, Sexual Chemistry, and Starting from Zero.

Rom is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of the people he touches.

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