Accessories Will Complete a Man’s Style.

Model showing off Rolex watch and bracelets

In my previous article I wrote about the importance of a man’s style. Style, as I wrote, is the great equalizer. An important element of a man’s style is the accessories he wears. The right accessories can make a man’s clothing choices pop or they can make him, for lack of a better word, corny. The right accessory can draw a beautiful woman’s attention. I’m going to tell a story.
I was at a relationship conference and I spied a very attractive young lady. She was extremely beautiful with a pleasant disposition. Many men tried to talk to her. She rebuffed the men in a polite manner. I was luckier. She actually approached me and asked questions about a pendant that I had around my neck. A simple piece of jewelry drew a beautiful woman’s attention.
Jewelry and other accessories are the finishing touches to a man’s style. A man has to pick out his accessories as carefully as he picks out the rest of his wardrobe. In doing so he needs to start at the top and work his way down.
A very important accessory is the glasses if a man needs them. Depending on the shape of a man’s head a nice pair of glasses can enhance his physical features. I’ve known men who didn’t need glasses to wear them to enhance their look. The key with glasses is for them to blend in with your face. They should fit perfectly and not obscure prominent features. This is an important consideration. A man with nice eyes, eyelashes, or prominent cheekbones shouldn’t cover them up. The key is to have the glasses enhance the look and not take anything away.
As I mentioned jewelry is a key accessory. Some men choose to wear earrings. The earrings should fit in nicely with a man’s face. If a man is in a business suit the earrings should be understated. When he is in a more relaxed or festive environment the earrings can be flashier.
As mentioned earlier pendants worn around the neck can attract attention from beautiful women. My suggestion would be to wear just one or a simple chain. Some men may choose to go overboard and wear several pendants and chains. I’ve known men to wear so many that one would wonder how they managed to keep their neck up. Keep it simple around the neck.
A very important accessory for a man is a watch. The watch doesn’t have to be expensive. It shouldn’t look like it was bought at a flea market either. When getting a watch make sure it fits your overall style. When purchasing the watch have it sized by a professional jeweler so that it fits just right. It shouldn’t fit too tight and it shouldn’t be too loose. I’ve seen both and it’s not a good look either way.
Many men have taken to wearing beaded bracelets. Two things to consider. One the bracelets should generally match the watch in style and color. If you wear an expensive gold watch, bracelets with rainbow colors might not work. Two, in general the bracelets should be worn on the opposite wrist from the watch. Now this isn’t an ironclad rule because some men wear the watch with bracelets on the same wrist. It comes down to personal style.
Many men wear rings other than wedding rings. A nice ring can set off a look. A man shouldn’t have multiple rings as this is something women do and quite frankly it looks tacky on a man. Like everything else the rings should flow nicely with the rest of the outfit.
Any man developing his style needs to be very meticulous in how he wears his accessories. He can have a sharp suit, shirt, shoes, and a great haircut but be thrown off because of glasses too big for his face, too much jewelry, multiple rings, and by not wearing a watch. Every piece must be in place for a man’s style to make a statement.

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