How to Gain a Competitive Edge.

Off the rack grey suit versus made to measure grey suit

Competition breeds excellence and this is what fuels innovation and prosperity. Success usually goes to competitors who are smart enough to pay close attention to the smallest details.

Believe it are not when it comes to your personal style. No matter how sharp you think you are in that new suit.  If you were not focusing on the small details like how that suit fits on your physique. You could be making a huge mistake my friend. Think about it like this if you and some other guy was to walk into a room and you both see a very beautiful woman. Both of you or well groomed, confident and dressed immaculate from head to toe. Now at some point in the night you both had a chance to introduce yourselves to her and exchange information. The only difference between you and the other guy. Is that he had enough sense to put a little more time into the process of finding the perfect suit for himself. Instead of focusing on the brand name of the suit. This gentleman recognized that when buying a suit. You have to take into consideration how that suit will actually fit on your unique physique.

Instead of taking the usually route of purchasing a suit from off the rack. Your competitor chose to spend his time and resources first on a local tailor to get properly measured. This will only require about 15 to 20 minutes of your time and maybe cost you somewhere between $15 to $30 dollars. We have a list that you can save and print to take with you when you go to get measured and use it for reference:Measurements Instructions for Luxe Tailored

This is about competition and every competitor is looking for that edge. Luxe Tailored will give you that edge!  A beautiful woman gets approached by men all the time. Ask yourself. What is going to separate you from all the other guys?

We have the answer for you and it is not going to cost you $1000.00 dollars to get you in a made to measure suit. For less than $400.00 dollars we can get you in a high quality made to measure suit stitched especially for you.

William Shakespeare was correct in his assessment that “Clothes make the man.” You only get one time to make a first impression. Make that impression count. Let us give you a competitive edge with our huge selection of quality fabrics, excellent customer service and competitive prices!

Thank you for shopping with us,

Theodore R. Cox Jr.




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I'm going to make this short because you guys do not have the time to waste reading about how great I am. Just joking! I'm a country boy at heart with a very active imagination and my dream of owning and running a men's luxury website has come true. It took a lot for this to happen but though all of the disappointments and failures. I did it. My goal now is to make Luxe Tailored a household name. I also want to use my brand as a symbol for the importance of men to constantly be in the process of self improvement.

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