Who We Are

Luxe Tailored is a made to measure brand that provides gentleman with high quality fabrics that makes them look and feel like a million bucks.
Our goal is to be more than just a fashion brand. We believe that it is not just important for a man to look good. It is equally just as important that he is confident in his own skin.
We want to provide our customers with a place to come to for self-development.
Our blog will have articles and interviews that cover several topics ranging from maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet, to how you can improve your success rate in dating.
We will also keep you up to brisk on what is going on in the world and will offer our very own take on it.
This is a family environment and we look forward to hearing from all you as well.

Luxe Tailored made to measure suits and dress shirts
Navy Blue Suit with Light Blue Stripes and The Grey Stripe Suit

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I'm going to make this short because you guys do not have the time to waste reading about how great I am. Just joking! I'm a country boy at heart with a very active imagination and my dream of owning and running a men's luxury website has come true. It took a lot for this to happen but though all of the disappointments and failures. I did it. My goal now is to make Luxe Tailored a household name. I also want to use my brand as a symbol for the importance of men to constantly be in the process of self improvement.

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